Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aze's Prawn Mee! Come Try ^^,

Cute Sleepy Cat.. Zzzzz (meow)

Thai Fo0d!

Yummy Food~

Dessert = Fried Banana Ice Cream (Mad JAck)

Chicken CHop..... (Mad JAck)

Fish & CHip @ Mad Jack. ask me for the map ^^

TempuRa Udon from Taka Food Court!! Cheap & YUMMY!!

$5 each!!! EXPEn$ive

Looks so-so and taste normal.. Clementi Ave 2..

Hong Kong Food @ IMM level 3.. forget the shop name.. =p

Dian Xin @ MSQ level 2.. Bao Jin Tian.. Yum YUm!

Red Ruby from Redhill Market $1.50